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Animals Have Souls and... DO go to Heaven

Animals Have Souls and... DO go to Heaven
Animals Have Souls and... DO go to Heaven
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Animals Have Souls and....DO Go To Heaven (Paperback 12 page booklet)

By Bill LaSalle

The purpose of this booklet is to provide an instant source of answers on a topic so many people ignore or refuse to accept, that Animals Have Souls and DO Go To Heaven. Despite strong proof to support the facts, there are still many Christians who refuse to accept that animals were created for any other purpose but to be companions for humans. We come with proof that God still has far more elaborate plans for our pets.

Once you have your booklets, carry them with you. If you meet people who don't believe, hand them a booklet. If you meet people who are grieving the loss of a pet, hand them a booklet and if they have friends who don't believe or are grieving, hand them a booklet. This booklet takes up very little space but it includes a powerful amount of evidence. It's a resource booklet you will never want to be without. What this booklet lacks in detail it makes up for with a list of sources that will provide you with an endless amount of information on the subject.

Animals Have Souls and Do go to Heaven

About the Author

Bill LaSalle was born in 1937 in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. He is married with three daughters.

Bill has spent 41 years in the media as a radio and television announcer and newspaper reporter and editor. He has two major quests in life. One is to defend the Christian media. The other is his love and concern for animals.

He is a Christian, a former member of the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International and while with the fellowship, enjoyed doing a weekly one-hour Sunday radio show and producing several gospel music concerts for various Christian denominations. Bill also spent three years in the med 90s serving as a member of the local March For Jesus organizing committee.

Most assuredly Bill LaSalle wants everyone to know that all animals below man do go to heaven.

His website gives comfort to many who grieve over the loss of their beloved pets and most assuredly his booklet will bring even more comfort to hurting pet owners everywhere.


As a friend, colleague, and prayer partner for all those who e-mail hurting so much because their pets are either sick, lost, or have gone on to heaven, I know his dedication to helping those hurting so much. Upon occasion Bill is criticized by those who do not understand the Bible says that animals go to heaven and seem almost angry concerning the subject. He has walked in forgiveness and never deterred from his daily task of revealing the truth and standing firm on God's word concerning the love and eternal promise God has made to His non-human creatures as well as those of the human race who will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Due to his diligence and far reaching ministry, as revealed by his daily influx of e-mails thanking him, hundreds and by now thousands all over the world have had peace and support through his web site knowing that their pets are in heaven. At the same time many have had the opportunity to question their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I have been extremely blessed to know and work with Bill on this marvelous mission God has given to both of us.

Bill is to be most admired for his work, his talent as he has helped me immensely as a web host, a friend, writer and advisor. His booklet "Animals Have Soul and Do go to Heaven" is very popular and brings many instant peace that yes they will see their beloved pets in heaven.

Dr. Mary Buddemeyer-Porter, Ph.D. Author/songwriter.

ISBN: 0-9746277-0-4

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