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Will I See My Pet In Heaven? Audio Book CD Set

Will I See My Pet In Heaven? Audio Book CD Set
Product Code: Audio Book 3 CD set
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WILL I SEE MY PET IN HEAVEN? (Audio Book 3 CD set)

By Mary Buddemeyer-Porter Ph.D.

You are listening to excerpts from the Audio Book...

Narrated By Bob McFadden, Karla Harris, Mary Buddemeyer-Porter Ph.D.

Do animals have a spirit and soul?
Did God create everything to live forever?
Are animals sinless, or innocent?
Do all creatures go to Heaven?
Does God love all He created - including animals?

Spiritually Revealing God's Eternal Plans for his non-human animals.

A pet's death can be devastating,"Mary says. "This book provides comfort by taking readers through Biblical Scripture that shows how animals DO have an eternal destination."

The audio book contains "Will I See Fido in Heaven?" paperback version in its entirety. PLUS it has been enhanced with additional heartwarming and unusual animal stories, commentary from well-known theologians, and scriptures! The audio book is on 3 cassette tapes and draws upon verses from 29 books of the Bible

$19.95 US Retail Price (Audio Book 3 CD Set)(3 hrs 20 min)

ISBN: 0-9746277-1-2

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