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"All Creation Praise The Lord" - Music CD and Booklet

"All Creation Praise The Lord" - Music CD and Booklet
"All Creation Praise The Lord" - Music CD and Booklet
Product Code: (2 Disc CD Set & 26 Page Booklet)
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All Creation Praise The Lord (Music CD & Booklet)

You are listening to song samples from this CD...

Words & Music By: Mary Buddemeyer-Porter Ph.D., (ASCAP)
Vocals By: Georgy Rock, Karla Harris, Sue MacPherson, Melinda Carel, Robert Dill, and Jermaine Smith

New "2 Disc Music CD and 26 page Booklet" set

There are scriptures in the Bible that speak about creatures. Some of these scriptures mean all creatures; man, animal and angels, some mean only man and some refer only to the non-human creatures. In all of the references within the songs and scriptures quoted in "All Creation Praise the Lord" music CD, the word "creatures" either refers to the non-human creatures or to both man and the non-human creatures.

Disc 1:

  1. Adam and Eve
  2. All Creation Will Praise Our God Together
  3. We Call Him Savior
  4. Animals in Paradise
  5. That's What the Bible Says
  6. All Is Well With the Lord
  7. Sacrifice
  8. Sing, Shout, Praise the Lord
  9. I Love You Lord
  10. I'll See You In Heaven My Friend

Disc 2: Same songs with narration.

Song Samples are playing in order above.


COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY: Rick A. Prebeg, ©World Class Images
WORDS AND MUSIC BY: Mary Buddemeyer-Porter
RECORDED AT: Music Masters Studios
ARRANGED & PRODUCED BY: Greg Trampe (1 thru 6)
ARRANGED & PRODUCED BY: Mr. Dill (7 thru 10)

$19.95 US Retail Price (2 Disc CD Set & 26 Page Booklet)

UPC: 0-94922-63366-8


"If a person has ever wondered if their pet goes to heaven or if their children are having a hard time with the loss of a pet this CD will help them to realize that our pets DO GO TO HEAVEN! It will raise in you every emotion that you possibly can have; you will laugh, cry, and just feel peacefulness come over you. It made me peaceful about my older dogs and losing them that they will be waiting for me."

- Brenda Martin

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