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All Creatures Of Our God and King

All Creatures Of Our God and King
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Do you love animals? So does God!

All Creatures of Our God and King: What God's Word Says About Animals

By: Teri Wilson

Bible Study workbook for animal lovers

All Creatures of Our God and King is a six-week Bible Study for animal lovers. Readers will learn more about God and grow closer to Jesus as they learn how He feels about the animal kingdom by studying the Scriptures. The Bible Study teaches these important truths: animals have souls, God loves our pets and our pets will go to heaven. Those who are new to studying the Bible will be engaged by the various animal stories and will also discover God's plan of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Teri Wilson, a graduate of Texas A&M University, has been an animal lover since childhood. She is a member of Alamo Heights United Methodist Church in San Antonio, Texas, where she has been a Bible Study leader since 2002. For the past five years, Teri has been actively involved in animal-assisted therapy. She and her Golden Retriever, Nellie, volunteer with Paws for Service, whose mission is to improve human health and well-being by promoting mutually beneficial relationships with animals and using them as examples of God's unconditional love. Teri and Nellie regularly visit elderly residents at Esplanade Gardens Assisted Living and patients at Christus Santa Rosa Children's Hospital in San Antonio.

Teri's lifelong love of animals led her to research what the Bible says about God's creatures. Delighted by what she discovered, she wrote All Creatures of Our God and King: What God's Word Says About Animals so that others may learn about the Lord's love for all of his creation.

Teri is the winner of the 2006 Westminster Kennel Club ANGEL ON A LEASH Writing Award and finalist for the Dog Writers Association of America Maxwell Medallion for Excellence in Short Fiction.

Teri is available for appearances and book signings of All Creatures of Our God and King. Are you involved with a bookstore, church or animal group? Contact her at and let's set up a book party!


"You will have a great journey through this unique and informational six week course which will bring you assurance that all animals below man do have eternal life in heaven along with the children of God.

All Creatures of Our God and King Bible Study should be in every church both for children and adults. It is truly a one of a kind study which will bring together families, church groups and animal loving groups who can share the bond of love between God, man and animal. It teaches not only that animals do go to heaven but that they also are to be treated humanely as they belong to God."

-Dr. Mary Buddemeyer-Porter, Ph.D, Author, songwriter


"When I was offered this lovely book to review, I really did not know what to expect. What a delightful surprise! It is a large, soft-covered book that will appeal to so many people; even those not of a religious nature. The cover is a tranquil scene featuring a handsome Golden Retriever, the picture alone makes one want to find out what is inside the book. The neat thing about All Creatures is that you can enjoy it in several different ways. You may read the stories shared by the author about animals in her and other people's lives-these anecdotes are fun, interesting, sometimes sad, thought-provoking, and inspiring all on their own. There is the story of Molly, the Border Collie and the card their grand daughter made for her owners when Molly died. (I won't spoil the surprise-you will have to read the book to find out what she did). One of my favourite stories was of the author's son and the day he was playing dinosaurs in Jurrasic Park with his kindergarten classmates. He bit someone and his mother was called to the school about it. He told her that was what dinosaurs did (bite). Years later, they were reminiscing and the now high schooler said what he'd done had been stupid. She thought he meant because he bit another child but he meant that the type of dinosaur he was supposed to be was a plant eater and they did not bite people! I think he deserved extra credit for prehistoric animal knowledge! Many of the stories deal with the author's own animals. Her dogs do pet therapy and those accounts are especially dear to my heart because both my Renegade and Katie have done that worthwhile work.

The book also relates the stories shared with passages in the Bible and has questions for the reader to answer regarding those passages. The answers are in the back of the book, which I thought was a very helpful idea. As you answer the questions, you learn why certain events occurred in the Bible and how animals were such an important part of so many of the events. You learn why what happened to them was necessary and where it proved God's love for them and for us.

The book is divided into weeks and then into days for convenient study for those wishing to participate in the questions at a pace that will benefit them the most-slowly so that what is read is retained.

There are black and white photographs throughout the book as well as poems, psalms, and hymns.

The foreword by Sallie Scott, is also very interesting and enforces the importance of the lessons in this book. Children who are cruel to animals, it has been found, often go on to being abusive adults. This is a book adults can share with their children and both can learn from its valuable lessons.

Another place I really think this beautiful piece would serve so well is as a gift to anyone who is suffering the loss of a dearly beloved animal companion. As soon as I started to read it, I thought of so many people to whom I know it would have given comfort had it been available when their animals died.

Only 148 pages long, counting the contents and answer pages, it is a very worthwhile addition to anyone's library. You will find yourself referring to it many times, I am sure."

- Gail C. Parker, Book Review from "CANINE COLLECTABLES COURIER - July 2007


faith seal goldRead the FaithWriters review of All Creatures of Our God and King: All Creatures of Our God and King is the recipient of the FaithWriters "Outstanding Read" Gold Seal of Approval.


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